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Sophisticated CNC-joints for flooring

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Check out this link for an example of CNC used to minimize use of materials for the production of flooring (made out of curvy logs).

Bolefloor makes hardwood floors that eschew the wastefulness of straight lines. Instead, they use computerized analysis to calculate puzzle-fit lengths that follow the curves and irregularities of the uncut logs, producing an organic, irregular mosaic that I find much preferable to the straight lines of traditional wood floors.”

Link to Bolefloor website.

Curvy wood floor from Bolefloor

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March 16, 2011 at 11:40 am

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I obviously haven’t seen all the work done by the CNC-joinery team yet, but wanted to show you a series of joints produced by a company I know here in Belgium. The company is producing floor and panel coverings for vans. You can find their website here. Since most of their panelling is cut with huge CNC-mills, they have these machines at hand for building their own furniture. What you see in what follows are a series of tools built with CNC-milled plywood panels.

What I like about these joints is that they are purely functional. They need to be as cheap and as easy to make as possible. As a result they have a simple beauty that works.

Hydraulic table

This is a hydraulic table used for transfering large panels from one machine to another. A detail is to be seen here:

Detail of the hydraulic table

Another detail from the hydraulic table

Boxes for storing plastic hole-covers they produced with their injection-molding machine

Trestles used for paint-work

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March 14, 2011 at 10:52 am

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