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Team Table

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These images show the bridal joints and through mortis and tenon joints that connect the leg assembly as well as the butterfly joints on the table top. The finished table was moved to the site today and the middle picture show its first use!

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May 12, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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Design Development and Client Meetings

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This week both groups have been developing project options to prepare for initial client meetings.  Below is a summary of some of the design explorations and some images from the two groups.

Mountainside Living Design Studies

The second client meeting is this afternoon where we will present our initial site analysis and several options for projects.  Our thinking is that to create a more accessible and flexible outdoor space on this site, a wheelchair accessible table and a screen could be very helpful.  We will find out today if our client agrees…

These hinge studies examine different options for creating a flexible edge that can be easily adjusted, repositioned or collapsed.

This group has also explored the material properties of Shake, the split ends of hardwood intended for structural timber.  Cutting a one inch slice across the grain and then planing and sanding the resulting slice….

1 Inch Slice across the grain of Shake from Dreaming Creek

Brought us this lovely sample that could be an element of a mosaic table top….

Top View of the Grain Pattern and Cracks in the Shake Slice

but after a day we noticed our table top was warping into a fruit bowl….

Bowing of the Piece after Curing Without a Clamp

Our next step is to use our underutilized automobile dashboards as solar dryers to cure the slices clamped to a cured piece of timber.

Abundant Life Ministries Group

The abundant life ministries group met with their client late last week and are continuing to develop schemes for the “detached porch” and the front porch and yard.  The images below are development models and drawings for the front yard…


This model explores aggregating cut tree rounds to create a thickened but welcoming edge between the house and the street.

A perspective sketch looking from the front porch towards the street.

A model exploring different forms of aggregation along the edge.


A diagram exploring possible changes to the front porch in this scheme.

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April 4, 2011 at 3:06 pm

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